Weight of Copper Rods = 1.0517 x The Corresponding Weight of Brass Rods. { Enter the diameter of the wire (mm) in the box then click calculate to find out the length of wire per kilogram for the types of wire below. Disclaimer The copper weight is calculated by the cross section of a cable x 9.6 and will be shown in kg / km. Some scrap yards will only sort copper wire into two different categories: high-grade copper wire (which contains only a single layer of insulation) or low-grade copper wire (which has a double layer of insulation). [  A wide variety of copper wire weight options are available to you, such as pvc, enameled, and rubber. AWG Size Diameter Turns of wire Area Weight Copper Resistance Maximum amps for chassis wiring Maximum amps for power transmission Maximum Frequency for 100% Skin Depth for … | Feedback | Advertising Copper Wire Weight Per Foot Calculate Weight Copper Wire; Price on Scrap Copper Wire; Copper Wire Size… Copper Wire Properties Guage Size AWG – RF Cafe. in Copper Kg. Insulated Copper wire that is 14 gage or thicker (1/16 inch). Thhn Pvc Tc Power Cable Vntc Type Non Shielded … [  Makati City, Philippines T. (632) 813-2529 F. (632) 893-4990 Manufacturing Plant: Luisita Industrial Park San Miguel, Tarlac City Philippines Advanced Search | Structure Search. Per 100 Mtrs. Use the wire converter to calculate the length of wire per kilogram for any type and diameter of wire. Before selling copper wire, it’s a good idea to strip any insulation off of the wire. Staff of Research and Education Association document.write(' ') Per 100 Mtrs. | Contact, Home Although it might seem somewhat backward, there is a good reason for it. Per 100 Mtrs. $1.70-$2.20/lb Request mine #2 Insulated Wire Insulated Copper wire smaller than 16 gage (1/16 inch) and has a copper recovery of 55% - 79%. Wire Cable. RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SUCH TECHNICAL FAILURE. And whether copper wire weight is solid, or stranded. Flexible Conduit. Copper 600V 90°C Dry or Wet PVC Insulated and Polyamide (Nylon) Jacketed, Single Core COPPER BUILDING WIRE TYPE THHN/THWN - 2 Executive office: 2/F BCS Prime Bldg.